“The First Thousand Days of an Entrepreneur”

Are you interested in being an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start or how the journey is going to be? Are you interested in understanding how your life will transform once you become a full-time entrepreneur? Then this workshop is perfectly suited for you. Titled “The First Thousand Days of an Entrepreneur”, this workshop takes you through the journey of transforming a simple idea into a profitable business.


  • What’s Entrepreneurship?
  • The Misconceptions
  • Why be an Entrepreneur?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?

First 100 Days of Entrepreneurship - The Honeymoon Period

  • Ideas are cheap, so pick one wisely.
  • How to avoid random suggestions by people?
  • Finding co-founders and deciding equity share
  • Registering the Business - Company Set-up
  • Doing a Proof of Concept

The 100th Day to 300th Day - Let the reality Sink In

  • Going Live with the Product
  • Getting the first set of Paid Customers
  • Raising Seed Investment
  • What metrics to track on daily basis?

300th Day to 500th Day - Walking through the Fire and Storm

  • Getting into Pure Execution Mode
  • How to take up stress?
  • How to pitch for Angel investment?
  • How to conduct Board Meetings?

500th Day - 1000th Day - Stabilizing Business and establishing yourselves

  • Finding the Market fit
  • Series A investment and beyond

Raising Funds - In-depth

  • Pitch Kit - What you need to have before you approach investors?
  • How to approach Investors?
  • How to Pitch? What to reveal and what not to reveal with Investors?


  • Recap of Key Learnings
  • Discussion

About Invited Speaker:


Mohammed Abubakr,
Founder & CEO, BookMeds

Mohammed Abubakr is an accomplished Hyderabad based entrepreneur, having founded multiple start-ups. He is Founder & CEO of BookMEDS.com, a healthcare start-ups which aims to be an Uber for Pharmacies. BookMEDS has expanded to Indonesia under the brand name MoCehat.com. He is also founder of XAMPR, an Android based enterprise collaboration app and DocHood.com, an online directory of Doctors and Hospitals. Prior to becoming full-time entrepreneur, Abubakr worked at Microsoft for 7 years in a Senior Engineering Role. In his 10+ year career, he has worked out of over 15 countries.